The Vincennes University 荣誉项目 is open to outstanding students of all majors 谁希望充分发挥自己的才能. 通过荣誉的结合 课程, leadership opportunities, cultural events, and creative activity, the Honors Program is designed to enhance the intellectual lives of the students who participate 以及大学的学术团体.

学生 in the 荣誉项目 are distinguished by their participation in this special 程序. 学术荣誉 may be an additional distinction for Honors students as well as other students at 澳门足球博彩官方网址. The 荣誉项目 definitely has its advantages, including scholarships, enrichment 活动,以及特殊的学术福利.


  1. 员工优先考虑的知识和技能的广度和深度
  2. A learning community for high-achieving students with networking possibilities
  3. 领导 opportunities and personalized study opportunities with faculty members
  4. 实地考察和社交活动
  5. Unique, enhanced learning opportunities, experiences, and projects in major 程序 课程
  6. Courses fulfill University Core Curriculum requirements as well as reading/writing and 口语强化要求 
  7. 项目参与奖学金每学期约250美元
  8. 住房 grants of up to $500 per semester available for students who live in 澳门足球博彩官方网址 dorms and preferential placement in dorm rooms with other High-GPA and honors students
  9. Opportunities for additional scholarships and guidance in application
  10. 官方成绩单反映了荣誉课程的完成情况


很好的问题! The 荣誉项目 requirements are designed to be flexible and responsive 你的学术目标,兴趣和课程安排. 需求包括 interesting and rewarding course projects, guided independent research, and professional 发展的机会,所有在澳门足球博彩官方网址的时间.  这些活动和经历 occur within three major requirements, with one requirement completed each semester. 这些要求说明如下.


Honors Seminar is a general education course that explores cultural phenomena around 整个世界和整个历史.  荣誉研讨会是一个写作/阅读和口语 Intensive course and satisfies UCC elective requirements, depending on your degree 计划. 这是该项目唯一需要的“独立”课程.

In Honors Seminar, we’ll study major foundational elements of society; they may include government, technology, medicine, artistry and expression, inequality, religion, and 更多.  澳门足球博彩官方网址研究这些问题是为了了解它们是如何不断重复发生的, 尤其是在当今社会.  作为这项研究的一部分,其中一个目标是研究领导者 of the past (kings, philosophers, revolutionaries) and present (tech geniuses, business leaders, presidents) and figure out their roles shaping culture so that we can see 塑造澳门足球博彩官方网址未来的可能性有多大.


你想从你的专业中得到最大的收获吗? 你想做好充分的准备吗 为你梦想的事业而奋斗? 荣誉影响将荣誉体验与 主修课程. 你将和你专业的老师一起单独学习 develop an “Honors Impact” to complete so that you get an additional experience and insight into your career field – beyond what others in the class are doing. 这门课 counts for your major 程序 credit, and it is listed as an 荣誉项目 course 你的成绩单上也有.


  • An additional research-based project that culminates in an essay or presentation.
  • A unique exploration or experience with the course’s topics, perhaps through an internship 或者服务项目.
  • An active leadership task in class meetings, through leading discussions or demonstrations 是适用的.
  • An active leadership role outside of class meetings, providing support and guidance for other students in the class through peer tutoring/study sessions, or other mentorship 和服务.

要求三:荣誉顶点研究 & 专业发展

The 荣誉项目 wants to give all students a chance to explore a project they care 关于. It might be in your major, or it might be something you’re just interested 在调查. Almost anything can be a Capstone Research Project, including research essays, new works or creations, demonstrations, internships 和服务 learning projects, 还有更多.  你和一名教员一起完成研究和开发 适合你的项目. 在你完成之后,你分享你的发现并庆祝 your achievements with the Vincennes University community, your family, and yours 朋友.

Additionally, you’ll assist in hosting seminars with speakers from education, business, 政治,以及其他社区和思想领袖. 这些讨论会很有价值 networking opportunities in order to build relationships beyond Vincennes University.  

Finally, you put all of your work together to create an Honors Portfolio that includes major projects from 荣誉项目 and other materials that would best prepare you 为你未来的努力,根据你的目标和纪律量身定制.


Upon completing these requirements, you’ll have a broader knowledge of your topic (which you know employers will love) and just a better ability to think critically and solve problems (which employers constantly tell us are the two top qualities they 想要的员工,无论专业或工作). 你会发展友谊并培养 connections with faculty and others that will follow you well after your years in 高中. Last, but certainly not least, you will have saved a little money thanks 为荣誉学生提供的津贴和奖学金. 听起来是双赢 对每个人来说,对吧??


"Getting the opportunity to explore a new city while simultaneously learning innovative and fascinating information, and all at the cost of just a couple breakfast meals, 当然是一个难得的机会吗. 在我去全国大学荣誉学院的路上 Council (NCHC) in Kansas City, Missouri, however, that exceptional occasion is exactly 呈现给我的是什么. 我和我的当代文明荣誉教授, 夫人. Laurel Smith, to Kansas City on October 20th through the 23rd to attend captivating and informative sessions, serve as a student moderator, and explore the city."

——Jordan Hertau,荣誉计划成员

"I was just named as a Distinquished Academic All-american in 2009-2010. 我也是 the only student, as well as the  only international student ever in the school to 接受这个荣誉和奖励.  然而,我知道,没有你,我不可能得到它。 谁总是耐心地教导我,一直支持我,支持我. 因此,可能 this honor not be mine, but to all the other people who have, and will always be loving 无论发生什么事都支持我."

- Eva Lam, Phi Theta Kappa会员

“我想象不出澳门足球博彩官方网址有比这更好的领导团队.  我最自豪的是澳门足球博彩官方网址的基础 感谢我在教育方面所做的一切. 很多的动机和 encouragement to aim high came directly from you (澳门足球博彩官方网址 honors professors)".


有兴趣认识其他荣誉课程的学生? 看看Phi Theta Kappa吧 荣誉学会 HTTP://WWW.强.ORG/.